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LanMesh Wireless offers an unique expertise in secure web based, and smartphone based Industrial Automation control technologies, specifically designed for harsh and rugged environment, and complete end-to-end turn-key solutions. We has started the research of Intelligent wireless Data Acquisition and Processing System (DAPS) solution on 2003.

Today, we provide the state of the art solution including the design,development, test and implementation of industrial secure data acquisition and processing,SCADA, HVAC, smart energy management for small and medium business. Due to the nature of flexible extend ability of LanMesh DAPS, it support virtually all open standard industrial communication protocol e.g. RS485, CAN, RS232, USB, BlueTooth, Ethernet, 802.1.5.4, Zigbee, 6LowPAN and more protocol with instant deployment to meet our customer needs.

Our DAPS systems let our customers continuously monitor and control critical process at anytime from anywhere through secure communication which has security level equivalent with the of commercial bank, delivering real-time data, alarms used for further analysis. Our DAPS system also enable users to gain real-time access to remote sensor devices, and avoid costly maintenance of these sensors or device.


Novel Smart Phone Application for Industry Automation Control

Imagine how easy and convenient to monitor and control anywhere in a secure way. Lanmesh Wireless is among one of the first vendor provide Blackberry/Androidsmartphone based application in Canada market.

Critical data can be monitored and device can be control through Android smart phone through secure channel with 128 bit AES encryption, no worry about of confidentiality, integrity, availability of your control network system.



Integrated Wireless Sensors Application Case

LanMesh Wireless Industry Automation solution provides sensor data collection and processing system via a simple installation, minimal maintenance and low power consumption.

By implementing our solution for Liquid Inventory Supervision System, it gives suppliers and their customers maximum control over distribution, collection and overall vesselmanagement for a variety of industries including chemical, petroleum,agriculture, utilities, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and water and wastewater treatment.

Each deployed sensor measures tank levels, the data are merged toa local gateway through RF signal based on Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum(DSSS) wireless technology.

The sensor data or device control information are captured in a real-time manner. The selected data are encrypted depending on the QOS. All data are collected and routed through distributed gateway to Internet, eventually merged into Network Administrator Node to processing. Graphical display and analysis result are provided to the end user.

Data eventually reach to web-based management software center, and provide a real-time level information from geographically distributed facilities.

Our selected wireless system is based on FCC license- exemptive frequency band, with low power consumption and long-life battery hardware. To meet your company's specific level monitoring requirements, we have most of common sensors available, including but not limited:

    * Radio Ultrasonic
    * Radio Float Sensor
    * Radio Gauge Sensor

System can be easily monitored and controlled via a web based NMC interface, an example of web based control user interfac:




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