LanMesh web based SCADA HMI software

LanMesh web based SCADA HMI software

LanMesh web based SCADA HMI software provides control and monitor for mission critical device with unblocked thread design. 

Features include:

  • Display status and remote control via wired and wireless interface, such as Ethernet, Modbus, CAN, RS485, RS232, IEEE 8021.11/a/b/g, Bricknet, DF1 etc.
  • Have the ability to add plug-in-and-play driver for all customized automation device, no matter legacy or new device.
  • Log operating history and alarm, sending trigger alarm to email account or SMS
  • Support Android/Blackberry smart phone remote control and monitor.
The core of LanMesh Web Based SCADA HMI software runs on a gateway machine and all device connecting this gateway, either through wire, or wireless. Processed data are pumped to a secure web server. Administrator can easily control and monitor SCADA RTU in remote site.




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