School Bus Arrival Notification

For years, engineers at LanMesh have been performed the research for location based service using cell tower technology. Today, LanMesh provides state of the art real time Vehicle Tracking and Management Software without any special hardware purchase. Our solution can be used to track and dispatch bus, school bus, truck and public service vehicle like fire truck and police car through secure communication with a rapid deployment within days. Main service of our LanMesh School Bus Tracking System include[1]:
  • Instant report bus stop by sending SMS,Email or making a real time VOIP phone call to the rider who has subscribed the service..
  • Manage multiple buses at one integrated web based tools and get instant status report of all managed bus..
  • Dispatch bus from control center by showing real time message on the LED panel[optional feature]..
  • Real time Video Surveillance transfer from bus to web based secure management center, and automatically archive up to a year record [optional feature][2]..

Smart phone mobile control center

Powered by Android 2.1 OS, the system is easily monitored and controlled through a smart phone Secure communication between mobile terminal and web based management center, protect data privacy from eavesdropping from unauthorized third party. Small size commercial off-the shelf equipment, less maintenance, and less operation required for mobile terminal user. 7X24 technical support. No Risk: No hassle to terminate the service any time and fully refundable for the equipment.. With the advance of technology, the cost for each vehicle loaded our system has been cut dramatically. Please give us a call to see how we can deliver a reliable and novel solution come with very low cost. To Get a Trial Version, Please go to the Download page and submit request.