Solar Energy Management Software

Our secure web based Smart Solar/Wind Energy Management software collect data from solar PV or control wind turbine power generation units, and provide control functionality in a easy and reliable way.
Our solar electrical component more easily. With the help of flexible architecture of our solution, it support legacy or emerging network standard by a quick develop of communication driver. The existing supported interface include Modbus, RS485, IEEE802.11, Ethernet, ZigBee and 6LowPAN.

LanMesh Solar Energy Management Software Major Features:

LanMesh SolarCenter Data Acquisition Handle data received Custom or third-party components Associate date time stamp for each sample data Associate position information for each sample data Verify data and screen illegitimate data pass through


LanMesh SolarCenter Publish and notification

  • Graphical web interface, real time data is updated as fast as 500 ms Automatically generate daily, weekly or monthly report.
  • Send alarm notification to the administrator via SMS or email Arbitrary set up trigger event
  • Easy customize or upgrade client web interface
  • provide stand-alone desktop management isolated from Internet to meet special needs and reduce the risk of external attack.
  • Energy benchmark reports Export data to PDF, spreadsheet, txt format.
  • Support open flash chart and easily switch among line, bar or pie chart Provide energy consumption trend chart.

LanMesh SolarCenter Communication Interface to Supervised Device

Support legacy or emerging network standard DNP3, Modbus, RS485, IEEE802.11, Ethernet, ZigBee and other communication protocol or standard easily support by plug-in driver

The wireless IP based terminal node are deployed multiple location adjacent to controlled device and upload data to LanMesh Wireless Energy Management Center where further analysis are processed.

LanMesh SolarCenter External Data Integration

LanMesh SolarCenter External Data Integration

Support SMA power invert data format and other customized power invert format Weather station report and forecast integration GPS Time Clock and Location Information

LanMesh SolarCenter Account Management

Group privilege Secure log in through SSL protocl Configurable user permission

LanMesh SolarCenter Demand Analysis

Automatic Demand Response feature to automatically reduce electricity use during peak demand periods while without interrupting your end users' business Analyzing the user data usage trend and provide optimized algorithm to realize the automatic demand response.

LanMesh SolarCenter Database

Support MySQL Support SQLight Support data stored in local disk while use SQL language

LanMesh SolarCenter Weather Module

Temperature sensors Irradiance sensors Wind speed and directions sensors Communicate with LanMesh Solar management with RS232, RS485 or Ethernet interface.

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